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What Are We Doing Exactly?

Tiny house communities will be our main focus along with primary outreach facilities and third-party programs to serve our residents. These outreach programs will center on survival, employment, casework, and medical needs and will be based on several working models from throughout the U.S. which are already established and have proven to be successful.

Tiny Home Communities

Tiny home communities are more than just cost-effective housing. These communities will unite and empower their residents while being a centralized location to provide supportive services. They will become resources to a better quality of life as well as, freedom of choice.

Permanent Housing

These tiny housing developments will be a gateway to even greater housing securities through our home ownership ventures. It will be in this program that a resident that successfully completes his or her initial move in and maintains stability to seek home ownership. We will then move the resident to one of our prebuilt tiny houses and get them started on their first mortgage with a plan.


Our outreach centers will seek to provide complete case management to our residents through local partner agencies and service providers. Services would include health outreach, food, clothing, addiction counseling and treatment, mental health supports, life skills, job readiness, and placement.  It is our intent to use this facility as a liaison to the residents and our community.

The focus of our first community model will be on helping our struggling veterans. We plan to build a community of tiny houses, individually equipped, with full amenities including bathroom and showers, full kitchen, bedrooms and a living area.

Additionally, the community will have the support of an outreach center. If we keep the houses under 320 Sq. Ft, the estimated cost per house will be $25,000.00. We are currently partnering with Lakefront Roofing and Siding & Supply, who are donating  building materials for the initial outreach center that we will build first to act as a liaison and model to the houses that will follow.

While there are hundreds of options and variances on building plans for tiny house communities, our models are being tailored as close to compliance with building code ordinances as possible. This in-turn has led to higher construction and operating costs than would otherwise be possible outside the city of Chicago.

We are also partnering with our licensed architects, as well as Les O’Hara of North Shore Brickwork & Windows, who will be providing the masonry as well as structural architect engineering. In the future we hope to partner with The Chicago Housing Authority, or CHA, through the voucher program, or their veterans assistance program.

What sets us apart from traditional shelters or assisted living programs, is that residents will not have an exit date as soon as they come in. This allows us to cater the program to a veteran’s specific needs.  This is our first year goal.

Our second program will focus on tiny house ownership, a unique approach to getting veterans back into the home ownership market. The home ownership program will be privately funded and long term goals will include use of CHA Voucher program on a sliding scale to pay the cost of housing.

The projected cost of each house will be roughly twenty-five thousand dollars. Bank financing for high risk individuals comes in at 4.2% with a projected interest of $5,470.50 making the house total cost with financing at $30,470.50 or $507.84 per month for 5 years plus insurance. This project will be our 3 year goal.

The third program we intend to offer is a tiny house community for the general homeless population. The community will consist of an outreach center, as well as tiny homes. This will be built using the profit of the home ownership program as well as donors and contractors volunteering their time.  This will be our five year goal.

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