This is Who We Are

This is Who We Are

Last night I helped a friend move and what I saw afterwards affirmed the desperate need for what we are fighting for. In the space of five minutes two homeless residents passed me by and one camped out in the windbreak of our building, with just a sleeping bag on cold concrete. It strengthens my will to do the right thing. I pray that by seeing this post more will join our project to get these individuals housed and supported. Tiny Houses may not be a perfect solution but it’s one solution.

The city has asked for help to resolve the issue of chronic homelessness and we have responded. They can’t say we’re not trying. We are against gentrification. We are against hiding our homeless. We believe taking care of homeless residents doesn’t reduce housing pricing. We aren’t afraid to help the homeless and by God we’re not going to let them die in the elements because they made bad life choices.

We have put together a viable solution that will help educate, protect, and serve our homeless residents no matter who and where they are. This is what we have come up with, this is what we are promoting, this is what we are volunteering our time for, this is what we care about. I am just one man, but I say that if we band together we will make a difference. I am a man with hope for the future and a man with friends who share this vision to improve our great city.

Our goal is to provide a complete outreach program through Tiny House Communities. We have a solution, Chicago. Embrace change with us.

This is Who We Are

November 10th Meeting Discussions “Time to Play”

November 10th Meeting Discussions “Time to Play”

This weeks’ meeting was awesome—we broke down the structure of the organization into basic committees to handle certain workloads. For example, we created a construction committee to handle all of the issues construction related. We feel the change will bring more of a concentrated effort within a department.

Other big news, we have been given permission to start putting together a package deal for the zoning commission in a potential pilot program for Chicago Tiny Houses. The plan called for three different tiny house locations, one on the north side, south side, and west side and lastly one on the east side. I’m super excited to be one of the organizations involved in such an important endeavor.

This is what we were pulling for from our alderman, a chance to take on the project we know will change homelessness forever. It’s “time to play” and it’s time to shine. I’m so confident in the leaders and organizers of Chicago Tiny House that is makes me tear up. The dedication they put in every week to make this happen is way beyond the call of duty.

So, in short, We have big things coming in the days ahead but I’m confident in the knowledge and experience of our crew to handle the load.

Weekly Meeting 10/26/2017 – 7Pm – 9PM

Weekly Meeting 10/26/2017 – 7Pm – 9PM

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to update all on our meeting last night. We mainly introduced the group to Angel Files, an advocate from Tiny Home Enthusiasts Chicagoland on Meetup. Thank you so much for coming, you have a true calling and we hope to see you again.

We discussed what our plan of attack was to be and basically decided to get our Needs Analysis completed as well as recruiting full force should be our main goals. We discussed that Scott Ingerson and I will be going to Texas to see a tiny house community already thriving next month and a few partnership ideas we have in the works.

I hope to see more of you guys start coming out, joining our ranks, and helping in any way you can.

Till next week!

What Are Tiny Homes and Why Would They Help the Homeless?

What Are Tiny Homes and Why Would They Help the Homeless?

The tiny house movement is a return to houses of less than 1,000 square feet (93 m2).
Frequently, the distinction is made between small (between 400 square feet (37 m2) and 1,000 square feet (93 m2)),
and tiny houses (less than 400 square feet (37 m2)), with some as small as 80 square feet (7.4 m2).

What is a tiny house Community for the homeless? The best answer I can give you is explained thoroughly at Curbed on in an article called: 10 Tiny House Villages for the Homeless Across the U.S.: Case Studies for a Trending Idea by JENNY XIE

Directors and Officers Announced

Directors and Officers Announced

Thursday, October 5, 2017, 7 PM

Chicago Tiny House, Inc had our second meeting with a surprise to be announced. A special donation was given by a close friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, to pay the incorporation, nonprofit, and 501(c)(3) fees. Elections were held and the results are:


Brien Cron – Founder/Executive Director

Sara Wendt – Executive Secretary

Scott Ingerson –  Outreach Directors

Tammy Perlmutter – Communications


Ryan Wendt – Outreach Officer

Eric Clayton – Senior Construction Officer

Paul Latture – Recruitment Officer

After the elections, we voted that recruitment and sponsorship should be our priority as of right now.

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