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Altard State is a fast‐growing women’s fashion boutique known for its trend‐setting apparel and visual displays. What most shoppers do not realize is that behind the scenes of the fashion company, is a group of caring individuals that focus their time and resources on improving the quality of life for children around the globe. 

A trip to the Altard State store at Water Tower Place can provide a unique experience that can’t be found online. Your shopping experience will be guided by skilled and caring consultants to help you navigate all the great fashion trends and products that Altar’d State’s Water Tower Place store has to offer.

Chicago Tiny House Inc has been chosen to receive the funds from 
Altar’d State’s Mission Monday from October 19th through December 21st. Mission Monday is a program in which Altar’d State donates 10% of net proceeds every Monday from each Altar’d State store to a local charity. Chicago Tiny House Inc was chosen by the water tower location. Altar’d State store to receive these funds based on our merit and reputation within the community. 

Please come and visit Altar’d State to learn more about Altar’d State’s Water Tower Place location in Chicago, IL and discover all that Altar’d State stores have to offer.


Altar’d State Water Tower Place 
835 N. Michigan Ave. 
Suite 6090 
Chicago, Il. 60611 



As a special Holiday update:  


During our partnership with Altar’d State Water Tower Place, if a guest donates a can of food or makes a $5 donation for Chicago Tiny Home. The guest will receive an additional 20% off their entire instore purchase. 

Please visit the store today!!!!!  


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